Plotting Guide

All of the plotting functions in pybinding are create using matplotlib. This means that you can customize the appearance of the figures using standard matplotlib commands. However, some plots (like lattice structure) are specialized to tight-binding models and have some additional options in contrast to ordinary plot templates (line plot, scatter, quiver, etc.). This guide will present the workflow for customizing figures in pybinding.

You can also create your own figures from scratch using just the raw data from pybinding. However, it is far more convenient to use pybinding’s builtin plot methods as a base and use matplotlib’s API to customize as needed. The builtin methods have already taken care of most of the work needed to represent arbitrary tight-binding models and their properties. This is done in the most general way possible in order to produce reasonable looking figures for most systems. However, because of the huge variety of tight-binding models, the preset style may not always be ideal. This is where this customization guide comes in.