site_generator(name, energy)

Introduce a new site family (with a new sub_id) via a list of site positions

This can be used to create new sites independent of the main Lattice definition. It’s especially useful for creating disorder or terminating system edges with atoms of a different element.

name : string

Friendly identifier for the new site family.

energy : Union[float, complex, array_like]

Base hopping energy value – scalar or matrix.


The function parameters must be a combination of any number of the following:

x, y, z : np.ndarray
Lattice site position.
system : System
Structural data of the model constructed so far. See System for details.

The function must return:

Tuple[np.ndarray, np.ndarray, np.ndarray]
Tuple of (x, y, z) arrays which indicate the positions of the new sites.